I have questions about diagnosing hyperglycemia and diabetes. We have a cat that had high blood sugar (Blood sugar,453) threw up hair balls for a couple of days, then 5 days later had a blood sugar level that was closer to normal. No treatment was done at the time, then months later developed a case of diabetes. Would the month she had a Blood sugar lvl of 453, then healthy levels following, Shouldn't there be a few tests completed before any conclusions can be drawn that she has diabetes? I have been reading that stress can raise the blood glucose level and it seems out of place that one blood test can make or break a diagnosis.

-Would this history and blood scenario be indicative of stress hypoglycemia verse a conclusive diagnosis of diabetes?

Blood Sugar levels (April 1st) 453, - (4/6) 233 - (4/25)- Normal

-Would you be able to say that from this information that this pet is not able to be diagnosed with pre-existing diabetes?

If these questions can be forwarded to a specialist for Diabetes and hypoglycemia, I would appreciate it.

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