Diabetes in Pets

Old to internet, new to wiki. Am from the canine side of pet diabetes--posted on CDMB for nearly 3 years as we hope--because when Lucky was dx'd and would not respond to human insulin, hope was all we had until the old Lilly Iletin II Lente (pork) worked like a new pancreas for him. He regulated quickly on in and almost immediately thereafter, Lilly announced it would discontinue its pork lente formula.

We made application to FDA to import Caninsulin as an investigative new drug, personal use; he developed complications from the different suspension and preservatives in the Iletin II N (pork). After less than two weeks on Caninsulin, he was my dear, sweet, little old man once more. His bg's were great on the Iletin N, but he developed neuropathy, etc. All complications reversed with Caninsulin and he had his life back again. Lucky's struggle is what sparked me to try to learn as much about diabetes and insulin as I can--because without the internet, we would have never been aware of Caninsulin.

I will get to posting his case history--have just so much info I've saved from my almost 3 years at CDMB that I guess I am trying to do everything at once!