Welcome. I'm Venita Wood and although I am authorized as an administrator for this wiki, I seldom make it here. I am known on the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB) as Venita and Maxwell, or Venita and The Boyz. I also am a member on other diabetic cat sites, such as Your Diabetic Cat (YDC) and SweetTalk.

I have been treating diabetic cats since 2005. I had two diabetic littermates: Max and Ennis, although Max passed away from cancer in 2007. Ennis is still around and healthy as a horse! Information about their conditions and treatments are at Max's page and Ennis's page. I often participate in the hands-on treatment of other diabetic cats as they are rehomed or to allow their people to take a vacation.

You can contact me on my Talk Page.

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