Have taken 1 paragraph from JAVMA News re: xylitol and am claiming Fair Use. The entire article is available with a credited link on the page--this appears to be a sufficiently serious enough concern to warrant Fair Use of the paragraph in an effort to warn pet owners of the dangers. We hope 17:52, 26 September 2006 (UTC) Kathy

My dog and xylitol. Edit

My dog Rah and I have had our bouts with xylitol. This stuff is lethal. It is scary that it is allowed to be in any products at all and NOTHING containing this is allowed in my house. I am careful because my dog is extremely mischivous. She has gotten into this stuff 4 times!!!! The first time she stole the last piece of orbit gum out of my boyfriends daughters purse. (thank god it was the last piece and not a full package) Then she ate a USED crest whitestrip and almost died again another time. Then she got into the garbage after I realised someone was chewing orbit in my house and had a freak out. (I probably caused this if they had continued to chew she wouldn't have been able to get it) but the other day she picked up another USED piece of gum at the park and I thought for sure her liver would give out. I am so scared and focused on this stuff that now I am going to not let my dog out of the house without a muzzle. I didn't want to have to do this but I don't want to loose my dog. Obviously even when I am careful and aware of it she can still get it. She just loves anything minty. It is truly a problem, I am consantly watching everything she does. My family thinks I am totally paranoid but obviously I am not. Please tell everyone you know!!!!!!!! THIS STUFF KILLS BEST FRIENDS.

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