Special Syringes: Good or bad?Edit

Personal note: I used a human U100 syringe when I ran out of the Caninsulin syringes and my cat Butterscotch stared at me in shock with wide eyes! The Caninsulin syringes are not only thin but seem to be made in such a way that pets don't notice it--one person's experience with one cat: probably not really a "most cats" thing at all. In general you will find that "most cats" are amazingly tolerant of any shot or needle, whereas mine did notice the U100 syringe. No idea why, perhaps the slope...The Caninsulin U40 syringe is very small.

Another user's personal note: My little Max (all whopping 7 pds of world-traveling, "he-man" poodle-extraordinare) is usually not adverse to needles (he handles the fructosomine and BG curves at the Vet with flying colors, nary a peep out of him). But, when it came to using the U-40 syringe, whether administered by the Vet or myself, it was a complete 180-degree reversal. After speaking at length with Vets treating Max, we felt the best approach was to switch to the BD Ultra 100 syringe with the 31 gauge needle. Granted, you have to do the math, a x2.5 conversion of dosage for the U-40 to U-100 switch, but I can tell you if you have a problematic pet when it comes to using the U-40, the extra money these syringes cost is well worth the lessening of aggravation to both owner and pet.

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