Soluble insulins can be injected or used intravenously; the suspended insulins or mixes (cloudy insulins) cannot be used intravenously.

Soluble insulins are mostly in the fast-acting or short-acting classes, and are used alone (not as part of a mix) as bolus insulin to cover meals or as boosters for blood glucose "corrections" when one's blood glucose level is too high.

Fast-acting analog insulins:

NovoRapid, Novolog (from Novo Nordisk)

Humalog (from Eli Lilly)

Apidra (from Aventis)

Short-acting R-DNA/GE/GM insulins:

Humulin R, Humulin S (from Eli Lilly)

Actrapid, Novolin R, ReliOn/Novolin R (from Novo Nordisk)

Insuman Rapid (from Aventis)

Short-acting Bovine insulins:

Hypurin Bovine Neutral, Hypurin Vet Neutral
(from CP Pharma)

Insuvet Neutral
(from Schering-Plough Animal Health)

Iletin I R (from Eli Lilly)
No longer produced

Short-acting  Porcine insulins:

Pork Actrapid (from Novo Nordisk)

Hypurin Porcine Neutral, Hypurin Pork Regular
(from CP Pharma)

Iletin II R (from Eli Lilly)
No longer produced

'Special note Analogs:


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