Diabetes in Pets
Iletin II NPH
isophane by Eli Lilly
intermediate-acting Porcine
U100 isophane
Line Iletin
Also known as pork NPH, pork isophane
Similar to  
Action in cats  
  • onset Xh,
  • peak Xh
  • duration Xh
Action in dogs  
  • onset within 2h,
  • peak 6-12h,
  • duration 18-24h
Use and Handling
Type cloudy
Shelf Life 24 months
When opened 28 days room temp.
In pen N/A

North American brand name for Eli Lilly's 100% U100 porcine NPH/isophane insulin[1][2][3].

Like all other isophane/protamine suspended insulins[4], it was a crystalline suspension with protamine and zinc[5][6]. No longer produced after July 2005[7][8].

Identical insulins are: Hypurin Porcine Isophane[9][10] and Pork Insulatard[11][12] by Novo Nordisk, which was discontinued at the end of December 2007[13].

Those who have expired vials of Lilly's Iletin II NPH appear to be able to use them safely 12 months beyond the vial's expiration date[14][15].

Directly from the HealthCanada page:

"Q8: I will have unused vials of Eli Lilly's Iletin II Regular and Iletin II NPH insulin as of April 1, 2006. Can I use them past the expiry date?

A8: Health Canada understands that there may be individuals who plan on using Iletin insulins past the labelled expiry date. While Health Canada does not recommend the use of any product past the labelled expiry date, Health Canada has reviewed stability data from Eli Lilly Canada. That data indicates that if the Iletin insulins have been stored properly, the products could be used safely up to 12 months beyond the labelled expiry date."

See Substitutes for Iletin II NPH.

Canine insulin compared with Bovine, Human, & Porcine versions. Up to 2 amino acids differ. Canine and porcine are identical[16].