Diabetes in Pets
Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc
PZI by CP Pharma
long-acting Bovine
U100 protamine
Line Hypurin
Also known as beef PZI
Similar to  
Action in cats  
  • onset 2-5h[1],
  • peak 12-24h
  • duration: maximum 36h
Action in dogs  
  • onset 2-5h,
  • peak 12-24h,
  • duration: maximum 36h-rarely used[2]
Use and Handling
Type cloudy
Shelf Life 36 months
When opened 28 days
In pen N/A

Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc is a beef-based PZI insulin made by CP Pharma[3][4][5].

Comparable insulins, all made for veterinary use only are: Hypurin Vet Protamine Zinc, Insuvet Protamine Zinc and the U100 strength of BCP PZI and Summit. BCP PZI is compounded in the US, Summit in Canada; only CP Pharma's human-use approved insulin is able to be exported from the UK.

For those who are in the UK, Best Pet Pharmacy has this in stock.

No Combining For PZI

Protamine Zinc PZI[6] insulin cannot be combined with other insulins, due to the amount of protamine in the insulin's formula[7][8][9].