Diabetes in Pets
Hypurin Bovine Neutral
R,Neutral by CP Pharma
short-acting Bovine
U100 none
Line Hypurin
Also known as Hypurin Vet Neutral, beef R, beef neutral
Similar to  
Action in cats  
  • onset Xh,
  • peak Xh
  • duration Xh
Action in dogs  
  • onset 10-30 minutes,
  • peak 1-5h,
  • duration 4-10h
Use and Handling
Type soluble
Shelf Life 36 months
When opened 28 days room temp.
In pen 28 days room temp.
  • protect from light and heat
  • Do Not Freeze
  • Cartridges in use are not to be refrigerated
  • May be used intravenously

Hypurin Bovine Neutral[1][2][3] is a beef-based short-acting insulin made by CP Pharma[4][5], which has had nothing added to change its speed or length of activity.

Two comparable insulins, both for veterinary use are Hypurin Vet Neutral, also made by CP Pharma and Insuvet Neutral, made for Pfizer Animal Health, UK.