A term meaning too many fats, or lipids, in the circulating blood. Untreated or poorly treated diabetics don't metabolize fats properly, due to lack of enough insulin to do so. The symptom, or sign, that this process does not occur properly is hyperlipidemia.

With regard to hyperlipidemia caused by untreated/poorly treated diabetes, the symptom should resolve after proper treatment which provides sufficient insulin for a normal metabolic process.

There are other causes for hyperlipidemia which are not diabetes-related; poor diet is one. In this case, sufficient insulin is not the answer--changing food choices is.

Hyperlipidemia is associated with diabetes, pancreatitis, Cushing's Disease, and hypothyroidism, among others. This 2004 ACVIM Abstract (#216)[1]suggests a strong association between hyperlipidemia and hypothyroidism in dogs.

Also see triglycerides.

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