Diabetes in Pets
Humulin 50/50
R/Neutral/NPH/Isophane Mix by Eli Lilly
intermediate-acting r-DNA/GE/GM
U100 isophane
Line Humulin
Also known as Humulin M5
Similar to  
Action in cats  
  • onset Xh,
  • peak Xh
  • duration Xh
Action in dogs  
  • onset 0.5-3h,
  • peak 2-10h,
  • duration 4-24h
Use and Handling
Type cloudy
Shelf Life 24 months
When opened 28 days room temp.
In pen 28 days room temp.

Humulin 50/50 is the US brand name for Lilly's r-DNA/GE/GM human insulin mix consisting of 50% R/neutral insulin and 50% NPH/isophane crystal[2] insulin[3].

It is the same as Mixtard 50[4][5], Actraphane 50/50[6][7] and Aventis' Insuman Comb 50[8][9].

Lilly stopped offering this insulin, under the brand name Humulin M5[10], in the EU & UK in July 2004[11][12].