Naming conventions for article titlesEdit

Since wiki names are CaSE-SenSITIve, it's important to have a common convention to avoid broken links. This wiki adopts the Wikipedia conventions which arise from ease of linking. The conventions are roughly:

  • First letter of first word is case-insensitive, use capitals or not as you wish.
  • All other words should not be capitalized unless they are proper nouns, i.e. they would be capitalized in a paragraph.
  • Article titles should be a noun or noun phrase in the singular. e.g. Syringe
  • Category names should be a noun or noun phrase in the plural. e.g. Category:Treatments
  • Categories intended as a subcategory may be adjectives or adjective phrases. e.g. Category:long-acting as a subcategory of Category:Insulins.
  • Articles with more than one focus (e.g. Treatments and Conditions) should usually be broken up into separate articles. Commas or "and" are a hint that this is probably more than one article. Categories may be more comprehensive though.
  • Article titles should be as short as possible.
  • Articles with likely alternate names may use redirects for alternate names. e.g. "Polyuria" => "Urination". Alternate names are for ease of searching, they don't have to be exact synonyms!
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