We hope 19:45, 14 Dec 2005 (UTC) Think this clears up all orphans not self-explanatory.


Medications Edit

We hope 02:20, 15 Dec 2005 (UTC) Started on meds but wiki doesn't seem to like links on that page. Got most re: Clavamox in and quit meds for now due to wiki's "crankiness".


Pending--Spring Cleaning Time? Edit

We hope 04:58, 2 March 2006 (UTC)


All but the short-acting analog templates are on wiki. Most of them need feline TAPS, however.


None anymore!


Combining Insulins--I believe this is now fairly complete. The ones which can & can't be same-syringe combined are listed. Insulins like Lantus & Levemir have enough warnings on their respective pages regarding no combining them, I think.

Fructosamine--What we have presently also hold true for dogs, so right now it looks like that's also OK.

Variability--I started this and will continue adding to it with various examples--pets and people, in an effort to show that everyone has variability and unless it's not within acceptable range, it's not a thing to stress over. Even those who use insulin pumps with continuous feed of insulin have variability. When it's obvious that something seems to trigger the variability, time to analyze the situation to see what it is and how to eliminate it.


PZI--Done! Edit

We hope 16:46, 22 April 2006 (UTC) PZI now separated by brands and "anchored" by the general PZI page.

We still need one of you feline fanciers to step forward and get started on hyperthyroidism. I have some general info re: links to feline hyperthyroidism, which is said to be both a quite common and often concurrent condition which makes diabetes difficult to manage when the hyperthyroidism is not controlled. Dogs are more prone to hypothyroidism, and in not having enough thyroid hormone production, this also complicates getting and/or keeping diabetes regulated. With dogs and hypothyroidism, getting the thyroid back into balance makes the diabetes manageable.

Would like to do something re: vaccinations and diabetic pets, but am searching for links which are not all anecdotal. Position of AVMA for all pets is that we have been vaccinating far too often. Along with this, we can go into the way titers are done as they are a wonderful way to avoid unneeded vaccinations. I see many good links which discuss over-vaccinating in general, but would LOVE to track down some non-anecdotal ones which specifically address the problems of vaccinating and diabetes. Not sure if the vaccine issue has been discussed at FDMB but know it always has been at CDMB.


Wanted Pages Edit

We hope 19:32, 18 May 2006 (UTC) Most of the titles in the Wanted Pages have nothing to do with diabetes. I will be happy to delete them if I just find out how to do that.


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