Diabetes in Pets
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You can help build Diabetes in Pets into a better wiki community by editing and creating (see below) new articles. If you create an account, you can track your changes and more. The Wiki tutorial should get you started if you're new to this. You can also create a case for your own diabetic pet here.

See Help for more assistance or contact Steve and Jock, Venita, or Kathy.

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Sign in please[]

Announcement: Since the upgrade to MediaWiki 1.5, we have had an automatic Active Users List available! Just make your own User Page by creating a login and you will be listed with the others on that page! Glad to have you here!

What this page is for[]

The point of the "Community Portal" page is to have a central point for bulletin-board or water-cooler notes that all contributors can read and write to. At first just a reference page and a talk page, it may grow into a subsite of its own if enough people use it for notices. This page will also contain a list of useful links for all contributors to be aware of. (It's sort of a supplement to the "toolbox" and "navigation" bars to the left...)

Content copying and copyright tips:[]

  • In general, content should be original or copied from public-domain sources. It should definitely never come from copyrighted web sites. (Unless you can obtain and include written permission. If so, please put it on the "discussion" page for that article.)
  • The Wikipedia is a halfway case -- since it's under the GFDL, and so is this wiki, you can copy when you need to, and you need only cite the source at the end of the page using the shortcut:

where "Article" is the title of the Wikipedia article you used.

  • Of course linking to the page instead of copying it is usually better. For that, use

as a link.

Article Names[]

Articles should be named in a uniform way to help links and searches work best. See Help:Conventions for more information.

Wikispam and Auto-Vandalism[]

Someone occasionally runs a script that blanks out one or more pages partially, sometimes while adding nasty links. Since this script hits many wikicities at a time, not just ours, the best place to report it (with a list of all the incoming IP addresses doing the damage) is here. The Wikia admins will then revert the damage on all cities automatically, and block the IP's. --Steve and Jock 14:12, 24 March 2006 (UTC)