Diabetes in Pets

Commendations and Awards for the Pet Diabetes Wiki. Some will be linked to the front page as appropriate.


  • "The Pet Diabetes Wiki brings a wealth of crucial scientific information within easy reach of any reader interested in this important subject. In the past, finding all of these resources would have been a daunting, if not impossible task for even the professional researcher. With http://petdiabetes.wikia.com/ as close as the nearest online workstation, the revolution in our understanding of feline diabetes unfolds with the click of a mouse. I heartily recommend this site to all veterinarians and cat lovers who want to know everything we currently understand about how to prevent and manage this modern-day feline epidemic."
Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, JD, of http://www.yourdiabeticcat.com/
  • "The Wiki provides a great deal of excellent information for the diabetic cat or dog caregiver to analyze, and is thoroughly crosslinked for easy browsing. Old- and new-school protocols are outlined and links to research papers are provided to help the reader decide on the best approach for managing their diabetic pet. Some of the protocols discussed, such as tight regulation, are considered controversial but they offer the reader additional management options to consider when striving for optimal regulation of their diabetic cat or dog. The informal case studies, which can be automatically grouped by species, gender, insulin, concurrent conditions, and diet, may also be of interest to those trying to manage this disease."
Lisa Pierson, DVM, of http://www.catinfo.org/
  • "The Star Trek section is one of (Wikia's) most popular sections so far. Completely different example, Pet Diabetes, is very important. So where as you might go to Wikipedia to read about pet diabetes, you might go to Wikia to read about and talk about pet diabetes."
Adam Lashinsky, Senior writer, Fortune magazine. As quoted on NPR.
  • "I think you guys are doing incredible work - to deal with an issue many people care about. Please let me know how we at wikia can help."
Gil Penchina, CEO, Wikia Inc.