Why do we need yet another resource for diabetic pets? To take advantage of the magic of a wiki to organize things much better, keep the information more up-to-date, and obtain more input than a typical newsgroup, discussion board, or even a hand-designed webpage can.

This library is compiled and edited by diabetic pet caregivers, not veterinarians. The tips and advice here are not intended as medical advice. The articles and links are intended to complement, and bring to life in wiki form, the already hard work of many online web resources including:

...and of course the granddaddy of all resources, and the entire Feline Diabetes Message Board

Our mission is to

  • have all the information from these resources and others, neatly organized, collated and interlinked, with external links to any copyrighted works.
  • explain clearly all topics related to Pet Diabetes, from the simple to the complex, and from the factual to the speculative, provided we have reliable source data to point to.
  • provide a gathering point for new articles, abstracts, studies, and veterinary information that helps us, and our vets, stay current.

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This wiki is administered by User:Steve and Jock and User:Venita and User:We hope.

Information can be printed for personal use. This site is for information purposes only and does not replace proper veterinary care. Discussing information from this site with your veterinarian is encouraged.

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