Diabetes in Pets

These articles discuss or mention complications of diabetes. These complications may either be caused by diabetes, or aggravate or cause it, or may be independent but make diabetic treatment more difficult.

Diabetes and the resulting changes to the body's metabolism from it can affect all bodily systems. Some body systems are better at adapting to the diabetes-altered metabolism than others. Complications (the area or areas of the body which are not able to adapt well to diabetic metabolism changes) vary from species to species, with some species more prone to a given set of complications[1].

Since diabetes itself affects all parts of the body in any creature suffering from it, it's important to remember that while certain complications are more likely for a given species, it is only less likely--not impossible--for other complications viewed as not common in the species to occur. While cats tend toward neuropathy and kidney disease and people and dogs tend toward retinal problems, one can find cases of humans and dogs with kidney and/or neuropathy conditions and cats with retinal problems.


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