Diabetes in Pets

This category will group all case studies of individual cats and dogs, with subcategories for various treatments, conditions, and complications.

To add your own new Case study:

  • Before you finish editing, add a few categories at the end in double square brackets, such as: [[Category:Levemir cases]][[Category:Lantus cases]][[Category:Oral med cases]][[Category:Humulin N cases]]
  • Note that this page's category, "Case studies", should not be included in each case study. The subcategory will instead have that link to its parent. Of the subcategories below , use all you can apply to your case, past or present. If you once used Oral meds, include that.

This way it will be easy to see quick listings of all pets with a particular condition/treatment/complication. Vets and researchers will be blown away!

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