Best of luck on the remission attempt! --Steve

Curve, 12-14-05Edit

A graph of Max's December 14, 2005, AM to AM 24 hour curve follows. He received .8U AM and .6U PM.


Maxwell 24 hour curve on BCP PZI. Click to zoom up.


Beautiful numbers. I like the duration on the AM cycle but think the drop could be a touch lower. I like the drop on the PM cycle but think the duration could be longer.

I give Max a higher dose in the AM than the PM for 2 reasons: He eats more on the AM cycle and I am conscious during the AM hours should he get into trouble.

Even though Max enters the PM cycle with a lower PS than he enters the AM cycle, he just doesn’t get the duration from the .6U that he gets from the .8U. This sets him up for a vicious circle of a higher AMPS and then he doesn’t get down into the 80s on the AM cycle like I would like.

I tried trimming Max’s PM cycle to 11 hours and extending his AM cycle to 13 hours to overcome this problem. But Max sometimes throws me curve balls with extended duration that leave him so low (such as 102 or 105 at PMPS) that I am uncomfortable shooting at his scheduled times. (Although Max is not hypo-prone, he is rebound-prone, and I don’t have the risk tolerance to shoot at 100, especially on the PM cycle.)

Curve, 11-18-05Edit

A graph of Max's November 18, 2005, AM to AM 24 hour curve follows. He received 1.2U AM and .6U PM. A new 24-hour curve is in his future.


Maxwell 24 hour curve on BCP PZI.. Click to zoom up.

For the first time, Max's curves on his AM and PM cycles were similar. He also has a nadir on his AM cycle. Past curves on his AM cycle usually were inverted curves. He had peaks on both cycles around +7.

Max got a huge food spike on the AM cycle (the +2). The +4 through +10 on the AM cycle were consistent with previous spot checks. The high +11.5 on the AM cycle was unexpected; I suspect curve stress. His PMPSs have been hovering in the mid 100s since I took his EVO away. Max also rose high at +10 and +12 on the PM cycle because he was up all night with me and asking for food.

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