Winkie Winkler is a 15 year old 17 lb. Male Maine Coon. Diagnosed July 2003. Very difficult to regulate, unregulated on N, Glipizide, PZI-Vet, Lantus, and U. Started on imported Levemir August 11, 2005. Winkie has been prone to rebound even when a dip stays well above the critical zone. With other insulins, Winkie's rebounds would last for days. With Levemir they have lasted only hours.

Treatment includes a specific diet of canned foods chosen from Binky's Page[1], (2-3 carbs/3 oz. with high fat) divided 6 times throughout the day.

References[edit | edit source]

Winkie's results for first 55 days on Levemir. Click here for full-size picture

April-May '06 update[edit | edit source]

Winkie's results for April '06 on Levemir. Click for full-size picture.

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