Male DLH, White with Tabby back & sides
Born Mar-1995
Dx Jul-2006
Oral meds No insulin started.:.
Regulated Jul-2006

Regulated between 90 and 200

Remission Jul-2006
Insulin Diet alone

Willie was an 18 lb cat. He is now down to 13 lbs. He ate Fancy Feast wet in the morning and night, with dry Purina Indoor out for "grazing" during the day. He was drinking excessive amounts of water and flooding the litter box. When I took him to the vet and had his blood drawn, his BG came back 460. My vet wanted to consult his notes from seminars on FD that he attended this past winter. He also was consulting with a colleague on some of the newer ways to treat FD. One week later, he called me and I informed him I had found the Feline Diabetes web site and had joined the Message Board. Through the message board, I learned about the high carbs in dry food and the low carbs in the Fancy Feast wet food. 4 days after diagnosis, I removed all dry and fed him strictly wet food. I also learned how to home test and since my husband has Type 2 diabetes, I already had a glucose meter. Willies BG's gradually started coming down from 227 (my first test) to his present lowest reading has been 88. He is now staying between 88 and 122. My vet is amazed at his progress and was prepared to start him no insulin until I told him about the home testing and Willie's BG's. We are not doing anything except to feed him all FF canned and continue to monitor his BG. Willie is more active now and his coat is clean and fluffy again. He is happy and so am I.

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