Posted by: stefani&toonces (IP Logged) Date: November 3, 2005 10:01PM

1.) When was your cat diagnosed with FD?

May, 2004

2.) When did you start using Lantus and how long till regulation?

November, 2004. Remains unregulated.

Comment: Is closer to regulation, however, than with all five other insulins tried. Also, on lantus insulin requirements have decreased. I don't think there is any pancreatic function left to regenerate

3.) Are you feeding your cat a low-carbohydrate diet?


4.) Has your cat gone off of insulin?


5.) Are you considering changing to or from Lantus?


  • Toonces 16 y/o, dx'd Spring 04
  • Lantus sliding scale* .5-1.25U since 11/04
  • insulin sensitive since being given a massive 30-unit
  • insulin overdose by his veterinarian's son, while boarding, in June 04
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