Female Calico
Born Sep-1996
Dx Dec-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated Dec-2005

Regulated between 36 and 52

Sundance has been insulin free and diet regulated since January 1, 2006 - Happy New Year!

Remission Jan-2006
Insulin Low-carb food, hometesting, no insulin.

Sundance was diagnosed on December 21, 2005. I was able to bring her home on December 24, 2005. She was under 7lbs and was weak. Although she had been eating at the vets, she would not eat at home. I was trying to feed her the vet recommended Hill's prescription dry. Thank goodness she wouldn't touch it.

On Christmas day, in a panic, I went to the local 7/11 and bought Fancy Feast. Little did I know what kind of gift that was.

She did eat a little but was still really wobbly. I was told by the vet to give 3 units of Caninsulin 2x a day. I was then adviced by people at FDMB to lower the dose. Sundance seemed a bit better.

Finally, I started hometesting (two days of trying before success) and found out that her BG was low, in the normal range. I did not give insulin at that time and continued to test the blood three more times that day. No need for insulin. The next day we tested again and the numbers were even lower (non-diabetic range). Since January 2, 2006, her numbers have been between 1.8 and 4.8. The higher numbers during an episode of low grade UTI.

I continued to test everyday for almost a month. During our second month I went down to twice a week and watched her carefully. Since she is eating a lot more (between 8 - 12oz a day) her numbers are now consistently between 2.5 and 4.0. She is eating Wellness mixed with Fancy Feast (1 12 oz can Wellness to 1 3 oz can FF - or FF on the side). To help with grazing during the night, I freeze 2 oz pucks of food and leave them for her. As they thaw she gets fresh food that doesn't dry out and whatever is left is mixed with the morning food. No waste or wake up calls.

I am so thankful for the advice from the FDMB and for the support of other caregivers of kitties with FD.

Please hometest. It does save and improve lives.

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