Diabetes in Pets
Male Flame-Point Siamese
Born Jul-1995
Dx Apr-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated brief-periods

Regulated between and

Regulation was only for a time: we've had a few hard-earned and fleeting periods of "regulation"... his multiple health issues have made it impossible to maintain for any significnt length of time. Sun is NOT currently regulated.

Remission Not-Yet
Insulin PZI Vet

Sun—my found treasure—has been with me since I found him (October 1995) as a filthy, starving, flea-infested kitten, stranded on top of a 2nd floor AC in Brooklyn, NY. (Est. birthdate: June/July 1995.)


Started on PZI Vet U-40 insulin in April 2005 after Dx of (steroid-induced) diabetes mellitus. Neuropathy gone and weight gained back by July/August 2005 (regulation achieved according to both his local vet and his vet at Angell, tho I didn't start home-testing until August 2005)

No history of Keytones

One hypo in early days while under the care of the *FORMER* vet (April 2005, at 3 units--no food on board, vet had me feed/shoot at the same time and said there was no way that I could test at home when I asked about home testing. This vet also wanted to cut Sun open to look at the cysts, giving only a 20% chance that Sun should be "allowed to wake up" from the surgery... this is why he is our FORMER vet. Former vet also insisted that I leave Sun on a High-Carb diet.)

Sun has a *very* large (slow-growing, inoperable) mass of cysts (9 cm x 4.5 cm at last measure) that engulfs his Pancreas (discovered April 2005) that we are keeping an eye on (ultrasound every couple of months).

He recovered well from a severe liver infection that he had (2005... He spent almost 3 months on Amoxicillin and Denosyl.)

Sun has a slight heart-murmer (since kittenhood), which is also being monitored.

His heart is slightly enlarged (discovered March 2006)

He has 2 small areas of occlusion on his lungs, 2 lobes (discovered March 2006)

He has 2 small masses in his chest (discovered March 2006) ...masses have grown slightly, and a third mass was discovered Aug. 2006

tentative Dx of IBD (scope/biopsies not performed due to concerns over anesthesia risks) needle biopsy taken Aug 2006 (w/out anesthesia) came back as "undiagnostic"

Dx of Pancreatitis (5/20/06... PLI was 65)

Sun also has arthritis, chin acne, and assored diabetes-related skin lesions... as well as possible cancer and possible Cushings Disease

Sun had a bad infection (of unknown origin) in May of 2006 that almost killed him (fever of 104.6 and he stopped eating)

Ultrasounds performed (7 in total):

April 2005 (abdomen), May 2005 (abdomen), July 2005 (abdomen), December 2005 (abdomen), March 2006 (full-body, included first look at his heart and lungs), May 2006 (abdomen), August 2006 (abdomen)

More at this url

September 2006.