Male Black domestic shorthair
Born Unknown-1991
Dx Feb-Unknown
Oral meds :
Regulated Mar-Unknown

Regulated between 60 and 150

Spot's almost in remission, but an ear infection sent his numbers back up...

Remission Not-yet
Insulin PZI Vet

Spot is a 16 year old male, or at least he adopted me 16 years ago when he was young and malnourished. I never told him he got neutered which is where the Man Kitty part comes in. Spot was diagnosed on Valentine's Day 2007 after an entire lifetime of Iams dry cat food, which I thought was the best thing ever. Aside from chronic ear polyps and the occasional ear infection, he's always been healthy.

My vet was overjoyed to find out I was not going to PTS and promptly put him on 3u twice daily of PZI VET and M/D dry. (!) She previously disagreed with home testing but now she's happy that I do it. I have since gotten him on Fancy Feast *only* and weaned him and our newly adopted civvie off dry food completely.

Don't be put off by hometesting.. it saved Spot's life!



5:45am no test (woke up late) 3oz FF

6:00am 3.0u

9:00am +3 [109]

10:00am +4 [60]

11:00am +5 [60]

12:00pm +6 [73] (we wrassled a bit)

1:00pm +7 [22] (!!!!) immediate re-test: [63] gave him 1/2 can FF just in case

2:00pm +8 [79]

3:00pm +9 [108]

4:00pm +10 [112]

5:00pm +11 off to the vet for ps test

6:00pm +12 vet test [135] (145 my meter) recommends reduced dose to 2u bid

vet is happy about the hometesting and kept my numbers for Spot's

file, very impressed with his progress - she's a great vet!

6:30pm +12.5 [160] 1u 3oz FF (you see how well I follow instruction)


5:45am +11 [108] no shot! 3oz FF left a happy, purring cat and went to work

2:30pm +19.5 daughter fed him 1/2 can Friskies - small miscommunication here

6:00pm +23 [208] :( 2u fed 3oz FF

11:00pm +5 60


5:45am +11.75 [164]

6:00am +12 1.5u fed 3oz FF

5:45pm +11.75 [180] *sigh* fed 3oz FF

6:00pm +12 1.5u


5:45am +11:45 [153]

6:00am +12 1.5u fed 3oz FF

5:45pm +11:45 [88] woohoo! no shot

6:00pm +12:00 fed 3oz FF


9:00am forgot alarm, woke up late - missed 6am everything

9:00am +27 [62] Holy cats pajamas.. 3oz FF no shot

1:00pm +31 [57] "Spot"-check - 3oz FF he seems hungry, only nibbled though

6:00pm +36 [73] no shot!!! 3oz FF


6:00am +48 [71] no shot since Friday am! 3oz FF

6:00pm +60 [130] uhoh 3oz FF no shot

10:00pm +64 [141] :/

12:00am +66 fed couple tbsp FF, went to bed


6:00am +72 [94] YAY! 3oz FF no shot

2:30pm +80 1.5oz FF

6:00pm +84 [120] hmmm is he sick? no shot.. 3oz FF

11:00pm +89 1.5oz FF


6:00am +96 [134] I wonder.. no shot though and 3oz FF

3:00pm +105 1.5oz FF

6:00pm +108 [161] .5u PZI 3oz FF

11:00pm +5 1.5oz FF


6:00am +12 [109] no shot, 3oz FF

2:30pm +20 1.5oz FF

6:00pm +24 1st test [105] new ascensia - 2nd test [119] kroger monitor - no shot 3oz FF - found problem - ear infection, administered drops (he suffers from chronic ear infections and polyps)

11:00pm +29 1.5oz FF


6:00AM +36 [72] ascensia meter - no shot - drops must've done something, 3oz FF

2:00am 1.5oz FF

6:00pm +48 [99] no shot 3oz FF

11:00pm 1.5oz FF

3.9.07 +60 [98] no shot 3oz FF

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