Male Buff colored DSH

Simon in profile, from Sally. Click for a bigger pic.

Born Mar-1997
Dx Oct-2004
Oral meds Glipizide:FAILED.
Regulated Not-yet

Regulated between not- and regulated

Simon never reached regulation or remission. He died from hepatic lipidosis 7 days after having a dental.

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Lantus

Simon had eating problems thoughout his whole journey with FD. He completely stopped eating after being given the Glipizide. He was never regulated and had ketones many times. He had several UTI's. I believe he had a liver deficiency as his non-diabetic sister also developed HP at 5 years of age. I'll never know that for sure.

He had a blood workup done 3 weeks before having a dental done and his glucose was the only number that was out of the normal. I found out that he had lost almost a pound in 3 weeks, after he had his dental done. He never recouperated from the dental and died one week later, even though I was giving fluids at home and syringe feeding. He started projectile vomitting and I took him back to be admitted. His liver values were all over the place and he was put on IV's and tube fed. He only lived for 24 hours after I left him at the Vet.

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