Male Black
Born Sep-1995
Dx Jun-2004
Oral meds :
Regulated Aug-2004

Regulated between 100 and 250

Remission Dec-2004
Insulin Humulin N

Simba is a 10 year old male (born 9/95) - he was first diagnosed with Feline Urinary Disorder 8/97 due to a blockage caught early. We have been very successful with Purina CNM UR formula for the past 8 years. In August 2004 he was diagnosed with asthma (I thought he had hairballs) and the vet put him on Vetalog (similiar to a very strong prednisone) for treatment. He immediately started exhibiting symptoms of diabetes (lost weight, frequent urination) so we put him on Flovent 220mg 2x a day for treatment of asthma. His blood sugar was 600+ so he was started on 1 unit 2x a day of Humulin N. Over the course of 2 months his dose was raised to 3 units 2x a day. On 12/16/04 he hypo'd (thankfully on the pillow next to me). Simba has been visiting 'the falls' since 12/17/04. He is home tested with a FreeStyle Flash glucometer once weekly. His current bg range is 90-110. Simba eats only low-carb, canned food. For treats he is fed only dehydrated chicken. Simba also suffers from constipation and receives 2ml Lactulose 2X daily.

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