Male DMH, grey, former feral


Born Jan-1996
Dx Dec-2004
Oral meds :
Regulated May-2005

Regulated between 100 and 250

Shess was finally eating mostly low carb/high protein canned food. Any dry food (even DM) spiked his bg and was a big obstacle in getting his numbers lower (he didn't want to eat canned). When he finally was eating low carb canned only he was off insulin in about two weeks.

Remission May-2005
Insulin Humulin U

Former stray w/ feral tendancies, rescued in 2003 DOB is a guesstimate FIV+ Enucleation R eye for diffuse iris melanoma w/ secondary glaucoma (tumor was still benign, unclear if it would've transformed to malignant) His diabetes is *not* related to his FIV or his ocular tumor

Regarding his diabetes, I had a very difficult time with him while he was on insulin. It was hard for me to get him to eat anything low carb. We struggled with him being in the 400s and 500s for months. Everything I read about diabetes said that everyday cells in his pancreas were dying the longer he stayed in high numbers, and that Shess was suffering as a result. I never thought I'd get him into remission.

Luckily he never had ketones and never had any clinical hypos (he did have some moments when his bg dipped to 38 and in the 40s but I gave him Karo and some high carb food).

Shess was unregulated for about six months...he wasn't dx'd until 12/29/04 but he had lost six pounds already and had been showing signs of diabetes for at least that whole month...I was a bad mommabean, I know, I had no idea...).

I finally got him eating low carb/high protein canned food only and that is what got him off insulin five months after his dx.

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