Female Black domestic shorthair
Born Sep-1991
Dx Aug-2003
Oral meds :
Regulated Jun-2005

Regulated between 100 and 250

Remission Jun-2005
Insulin Compounded PZI
Smokey, DOB 9/91, intestinal irritation causing vomitting blood occassionally.

05/26/05 11:34AM Food: human canned meats, IVD, cooked ground beef & turkey. Can't have regular cat food because of the grains causing intestinal irritation.

8/23/03 BG 214, 1/19/04 .5cc depo-medrol, 1/21/04 BG 193, 2/7/04 .8cc depo-medrol, 3/6/04 .8cc depo-medrol, there was one more depo shot here date unkn., not home testing so BGs unkn. 8/25/04 .8cc depo-medrol, 9/18/04 .8cc depo-medrol, 10/08/04 .8cc depo-medrol, 10/16/04 BG 400, started on Humulin PZI insulin. 6/11/05 insulin discontinued, bg's 45-70. Depo-medrol shot 7/15/05 for vomitting blood, insulin resumed, 8/6/05 another depo-medrol shot, insulin discontinued 8/20 or 8/21 bg's 90-110. She was diabetic prior to depo shots but has gone back into remission after the last 2 sets of shots.

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