Male DSH, brown tabby w/ white
Born Jun-1996
Dx Nov-2004
Oral meds :
Regulated Dec-2004

Regulated between 60 and 150

Went to remission after weaning off steroids and putting on low-carb diet (never on insulin)

Remission Dec-2004
Insulin Diet only

I adopted Ralph from a shelter in December 2004. He'd been put on GI antibiotics and steroids in 2001 for chronic gastrointestinal issues and anemia. The drugs caused liver damage (even jaundice), diabetes, chronic dental & skin infections, and chronic ringworm. The anemia caused a heart murmur. The shelter was considering putting him to sleep for "lack of quality of life". (He'd been in ringworm isolation most of his last three years at the shelter, so his chances of adoption were next to nothing.)

He was a firm kibble addict, but I wanted to give him a chance and was determined to get him off dry food. Through a lot of bribes and trickery, I did get him on a low-carb grainless canned food. This greatly improved his blood sugar as well as his IBD/gastrointestinal issues and anemia. I was able to wean him off the steroids. He's currently 100% healthy - no more diabetes, no more elevated liver values, no more anemia, no more infections, no more ringworm. He improved still further when I transitioned him from canned to homemade raw (though he still gets canned on occasion). He's my little "miracle man" and the poster boy for good nutrition... and the reason I'm adamantly against dry cat food.

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