Male orange DSH
Born Unknown-2000
Dx Aug-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated Dec-2005

Regulated between 100 and 250

mostly evaluated based behavior indicators and water intake

Remission Not-yet
Insulin No favorite insulin yet

This was a previously feral cat with a very panicy and distrustful relationship with humans. Vet agrees that curves are pointless with him, stress will make test meaningless anyway. Tight monitoring not really possible since he is only approachable for a short period each day; currently allows insulin injections, but you only get one chance each day before he takes off and hides...to keep him tightly regulated he would have to be confined to a small room permanently, which we did for one month, but found it unreasonable to continue in that vein, with neither cat nor owner happy with situation. He began on humulin U, (along with Purina DM and wet food) but seemed to have very inconsistent reaction to it, based on behavior, water intake and continued poor condition. Once we changed to lantus, we saw an initial rough period while his dose was still low (2 units, given at pm)but suddenly he seems to have returned to his "normal" pre-diabetic self now that we have him at 4 units each night. He has actually regained a significant amount of muscle mass that he lost and he is grooming, climbing and playing again. He is free-fed DM and shares 2 cans of wet food with his three feline housemates daily. I use glucotest to check urine occasionally, but he appears to be doing so well now I haven't done it lately.

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