Posted by: Pumpkinamb2 (Anne-Marie and Pumpkin) Date: November 9, 2005 10:22PM

1.) When was your cat diagnosed with FD?

August 2005 (steroid induced diabetes - 72 hrs following steroid injection)

2.) When did you start using Lantus and how long till regulation?

Pumpkin started on Lantus October 2005 - he was regulated with BG generally between 100-300 by March 2005-- by May 2006 he was TR with BG generally ranging 50-120. In July 2005 he was SID (once a day) on 2 units Lantus with BG ranging from 60-100, Some days insulin wasn't required.

3.) Are you feeding your cat a low-carbohydrate diet?


4.) Has your cat gone off of insulin?

He is in the process of going of insulin. He is on Lantus 2 units SID (once a day) Soem days insulkin isn;t required or a small booster .5 units is given.

5.) Are you considering changing to or from Lantus?

No. It's been almost 1 year since he developed diabetes and Lantus seems to have worked for him. His PS and BG values went from HIs and upper 500s/upper 400s readings to readings for the most part to PS in the 400s/ 300s to 200s, then 100s-300s and now double digets (60-100). His nadirs vary from the 50s to 70s.

In the beginning he had 500 PS reading when the Lantus pooped out (I needed to learn to adjust feeding schdule/intake) HI BG was a function of his food intake and not a reflection of poor performance by Lantus I wish I had started Lantus from the beginning rather then waste time on NPH and PZI insulins however, there are problems asssociated with Lantus too. It poops out without any hint and you can go from the 200s to 400s in an hour or less. It can also drop very quickly from the similiar as NPH. The duration in some cats is less then 12 hours when you first start. Pumpkin now has a 27 hour Lantus duration or greater. Alot of the "good features," associated with Lantus are due to it's overlap. Until you get a good overlap or control of the overlap it's use is frustrating. I think you really need to have a good understanding of your cat and how this insulin works to really benefit from it. I think it can be a "difficult insulin to use," in the beginning due to it's quirky nature -- but if all else fails it is worth a try.

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