frame Peter
Born May-2001
Dx Nov-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated June-2006

Regulated between ? and ?

Remission June-2006
Insulin Levemir

In October 2005 Peter received two Depomedrol shots for his lip infection. He developed diabetes one month later (DX 11/9/05). His weight went from 17.5 lb to 14 lb in four weeks.

Food: My vet recommended Hills MD dry (Peter would not eat any canned cat food).

After doing some research I switched him to raw meat diet (rabbit and chicken) with a little bit of EVO dry and boiled chicken meat as a treat.

Peter was very difficult to regulate. We tried Vetsulin, Lantus, Novolin N and Humulin L. His BG’s usually went up instead of down after increasing the amount of insulin but I could see he felt better with more insulin (less drinking, peeing and hunger).

I use a Free Style Flash meter.

4/1/06 Started Levemir.

4/24/06 After 6 weeks on Levemir we broke glucose toxicity on 2 units TID (three times a day). Our next goal is to find the right dose to get his blood sugar within 50 - 200 mg/dL range.

6/25/06 Achieved tight regulation between 50 - 100 mg/dL most of the time. Insulin dose reduced from 2.5 units TID to 1.1 TID over the last few weeks.

6/26/06 After only three months on Levemir Peter received his last shot as his diabetes went into remission. It happened surprisingly fast. I am sure my hometesting saved him from severe hypoglycemia.

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