Panther catnapping

Born May-1995
Dx Jan-2005
Oral meds none:
Regulated Jul-2005

Regulated between 60 and 200

Remission Sep-2005
Insulin PZI Vet

Panther was diagnosed of diabetes on January 13, 2005. His bg was 459 mg/dl.

Prior to his diagnosis, I noticed that Panther wasn't as playful as before but I attributed his behavior to his age. I noticed that he was drinking lots of water but I thought it was normal because he eats dry food. I was free-feeding him dry food and wet food before his diagnosis.

For the the first three months (February - April 2005), I was injecting him Humulin U. My gripe with this insulin is it doesn't offer long duration. Panther's nadir is at +6, then his BG would climb back to his PS at +7.

Here's Panther's Recorded blood Curve done on April 19, 2005 with 2 UNITS OF INSULIN HUMULIN U



10:00 AM 271 MG/DL

12:00 AM 150 MG/DL

1:00 PM 119 MG/DL

2:00 PM 281 MG/DL

5:00 PM 330 MG/DL

6:00 PM 341 MG/DL

On May 9, 2005, with my Vet's recommendation, I switched Panther's insulin to PZI. PZI offers longer duration than Humulin U. Panther's nadir is at +8, then his bg would climb up really slowly. I noticed tremendous improvement on Panther's behavior after three weeks of using PZI. He no longer drinks tons of water and I have seen him jumping to the balcony more often.

On August 2005 Panther was finally regulated on 1.6 units of PZI Vet. His BG ranged from low 100's to mid 200's.

At the beginning of September, I can no longer give him insulin. Panther's bg was hovering between 70 to 100's. My boy is on honeymoon.

I attributed his honeymoon to my FDMB family and Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins. Dr. Hodgkins protocol made me stronger in dealing with my cat's diabetes. I learned to swallow my fear because I know that I am equipt with education on how to battle this disease. I completely removed dry food from Panther's plate. It was a tough love because Panther is a kibble addict. I strongly believe that exercise also played a big role. Irregardless of my schedule, I play with my cat for five minutes every morning and night. In addition, before Panther's honeymoon, whenever his bg is higher than 120 mg/dl I still give him insulin (reduce dosage) to give his pancreas a "kick". I also learned this from Dr. Hodgkins' protocol.

Panther is still doing great. I still keep a very keen eye on him. The other day, we checked his bg and it was 55 mg/dl and that's without insulin. I can't help not to cry. My handsome boy's pancreas is surely working again!!!

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