Male Black and White Tuxedo
Born Mar-1995
Dx Jan-2004
Oral meds :FAILED.
Regulated Apr-2003

Regulated between 100 and 200

Remission Not-yet
Insulin PZI Vet

Mistofolees is my fond Brittle FD cat! We've had so many ups and downs. Most seem to have been related to any travel we have prepared for or gone on. After 3 near experiences we now board him medically when ever we travel for more than one day. It has helped him remain stable during our trips.

Of note... see his brother's case too. Both of these cats were adopted from the local SPCA. Because Rumple ( his brother ) gained so much weight at the age of 3 we had him tested for diabetes but he tested negative. However, we then started all of our cats on a diet of Science Diet weight management food. We continued with that food until diagnosis.

Mistofolees is also fragile and persnickity about his food. He eats well but won't eat dry or canned by itself so we now mix approx 1/8 c of Purina diabetes management dry and 1/2 can of fancy feast... ( fish brands ONLY ) There are times when he refuses to eat at all... when that happens we pull out the old brands of dry food (any generic store brand ) and give him a 1/4 c. It must be like a good dose of junk food.... it really stimulates the appetite and they we get back on track.

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