Female Maltese
Born Aug-1994
Dx May-2002
Oral meds :
Regulated Jul-2002

Regulated between 90 and 150

Was dx at Bg of 321. Regulation on the whole came quickly. There was a bit of fine tuning needed re meals/ snack

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Humulin N

Missy passed in July of 2005 from other health problems not diabetes.

She had a small dot of cataract found early in regulating stage but it never progressed.

Missy had heart murmur dx early in the diabetes dx. Stage one when discovered.

Missy dx with a transitional cell carcinoma in October 2003.Murmur also higher stage so put on enalapril. Surgery but no chemo . Just Piroxicam (Nsaid)follow-up . Vet advised me to get the urinalysis test strips to monitor UTI, blood, ph etc. I got the 10-test ones. Home testing helped keep BG levels on target.

Had disc problems in July of 2004 resulting in partial paralyis of right hind leg.. surgery not an option, got steroid shot ( which did raise BG for a few days but with home testing was able to adjust insulin. ) Zubrin (Nsaid) given for a couple of weeks ( has steriod properties for anti inflammatory without the steroid side affects.. had to stop Piroxicam.. Bg level was hardly affected at all. Canine wheelchair and daily therapy enabled Missy to once again walk on her own without pain. We stopped Zubrin went back to piroxicam due to it's anti-tumor affect.

April 2005 missy went into CHF. Heart every enlarged and fluid. Lasix shot given in office with pills for home. Bg levels were a bit erratic at this time. The BG actually went down and her dose reduced.

Did very well for a few months..then had a little slip again affected her back. Steriod helped back pain but not good for the heart problem. Got to a catch 22 situation of either she had back pain or breathing difficulty. She fought her hearth issues for several years but this seemed to be the point of her giving up. Stopped eating . We knew it was "time". her diabetes was regulated to the last day. Were diabetes the only thing she had to cope with I truly believe she'd still be with us.

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