Diabetes in Pets
Female MinPin

Meka: click for huge picture

Born Unknown-Unknown
Dx Dec-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated Mar-2006

Regulated between 60 and 200

Not as hard to do if you keep consistant.

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Humulin N

When Meka was dx'ed in December last year I was devastated! We had lost our Pug last summer because of diabetes and other medical issues and we had just buried our smallest but oldest little MinPin a couple of days prior to dx. I know that we were not ready to bury another pet.

Our vet was awesome with Meka and he was willing to let me home test. Actually he asked me if I would since the girls at the vets didn't really want her there since she kept trying to bite them. After two days at the vet's Meka came home. We home test and have her pretty steadily regualted. There is a curve in there once in a while with a number in the upper 200's or something below 50 but most of the time we are really steady.

Meka eats 3 ounces of RD dry dog food with a 1/2 pouch of Nutro's Natural Choice pouch. She loves it and cleans her bowl all the time.

Meka did have cateracts but has just recently gone blind, but she still knows her way around our home and yard. She still goes for walks and plays and still

has lots of life left in her.

So glad we still have her with us.

June 2006.