Female DASH Brown Tabby
Born May-1996
Dx Feb-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated Mar-2005

Regulated between 100 and 250

Mandy was 88 at check up . Insulin d/c at that time.

Remission Nov-2005
Insulin Humulin N

Mandy 9 1/2 year old spayed female. Has history of feline dermatitis. Was getting predisone shot every 4 months for dermatitis to control symptoms. Last predisone shot 11/29/04. Mid Dec. 2004 started showing increased urine, eating and drinking. Dx with feline diabetes 2/15/05 per vet with blood glucose and urine testing per sterile sample obtained per ultrasound. Urine 4plus. Blood Glucose 498. Started on Humulin N 1 unit 2 times a day.

Did not attempt glucose montioring at home till August 2005. October 2005 had one episode of mild hypo. Glazed eyes wobbly. Was able to eat and recovered with out further problems. Vet appt 11/15/05 Helped me with testing problems and corrected them , Given 25 gauge needles to use to obtain sample. Mandy has ranged 60-90 range. I have all bgs listed on my profile at Mandy during regulaton period only ate Dry Purina DM. Since Dec '05 Have been slowly trying to switch to canned. She will eat in small amounts Fancy Feast Roasted Chicken Feast. Also DM canned which she eats but does not like as well as FF. Her real love is DM DRY.

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