Female medium haired tabby

Lucy the internet star

Born Oct-1991
Dx Sep-2004
Oral meds none:.
Regulated Oct-2005

Regulated between 90 and 200

Regulation was almost immediate when we switched to an all wet diet; remission occurred within a week of going to raw with a bit of canned mixed in.

Remission Nov-2005
Insulin Levemir

Lucy, medium-hair tabby female, spayed, DOB 10-1991, diabetes diagnosed 9-2004, 12 lbs, mild renal failure diagnosed 2 months later.

Began hometesting in September 2005 (Humulin L, 2 units am/pm); switched from Science Diet Senior to Evo to Fancy Feast in September with insulin dosages decreasing with each switch. Finally switched to a combination of Nature's Variety raw and Wellness in October 2005. Diet controlled from November 2005 through April 16, 2006. Maintained under 220 on Humulin L between April and August.

Switched from Humulin L to BCP PZI in August 2006. With the first vial of BCP, Lucy stayed tightly regulated between 60 and 170. But with the second vial that tight regulation was lost altogether.

Switched to Levemir on February 10, 2007.

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