Female Torbie (Tabby/Tortoishell)
Born Mar-2000
Dx Feb-2004
Oral meds :
Regulated May-2004

Regulated between 100 and 300

Jezebel's regulation did not come easily. She was origianlly on Humulin U 9 units BID. We soon found at that we were massively overdosing her. She had been going to the vet every couple of weeks fo a glucose curve. But being that she is by nature a nervous cat her BG levels would sky-rocket at the veterinarians office, when at home they would be in the range of 200-300. We did not discover that we were overdosing until she suffered from hypo in April of 2005 and had to be rushed to the emergency clinic.

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Lantus

Jezebel was originally taken to the vet because of an extreme weight loss (Jezebel lost 6 lbs in about 7 months) accompanying strange litter box behaviors and difficulty getting up on furniture. She was urinating excessively in all of her litter boxes. Eventually she stopped using them all together and would urinate in other places around the house (i.e. laundry baskets, boxes, clothing, etc.). Dr. Brown quickly discovered that her blood glucose levels were in the 500-800 range and that she was suffering from neuropathy. She was put on 9 units Humulin U BID though after a hypo experience we learned that we had been grossly overdosing her. I began doing home curves. Her dosage was then lowered to 5 units of Humulin U BID. Soon the Humulin was not produced anymore and we switched her to Lantus. The Lantus, however, worked much better for Jezebel as it is a longer acting insulin. Jezebel had to have 4 teeth extracted the summer of 2006, though we are unsure whether her dental problems are related to the diabetes. She is now on 3 units of Lantus BID and currently eats Friskies Special Diet canned food. She is back to a healthy weight of 13 lbs and her neuropathy, although not completely resolved, no longer prevents her from enjoying life.

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