Diabetes in Pets
Male Seal Point Siamese
Born Aug-1991
Dx Jan-2006
Oral meds :
Regulated Jun-2006

Regulated between 100 and 250

Remission Jun-2006
Insulin Lantus

Diagnosed with steroid-induced diabetes 1 week after steroid shot. Was ketoacidotic at time of dx and started on Humulin N and spent 3 days in hospital. Weekly trips to the vet for blood sugars saw results in the 80-500 range. Saw internal med vet in March and did ultrasound and needle biopsy which showed cells suspicious of cancer. At that point we were told not to do anything, as he would probably not live much longer. I had read everything I could find on the internet and kept suggesting Glargine/Lantus. Finally, after a weight loss of 20%, severe neuropathy in hind legs and despair on my part - I talked my vet into trying the Lantus. At that point I felt that we didn't have anything to lose. I had started home testing on my own (I'm a med tech and figured that if I could get blood out of a 2 pound human preemie, I could do blood sugars on my cat!) and was seeing an awful lot of results in the 600+ range with a nadir of 29 one day! Within 2 weeks of starting Lantus at 1 u BID, we were seeing preshot values in the 150's to 250's. I upped it gradually to 2 u BID and then saw terrific numbers. Almost immediately, I had to start backing off until I got to a "smidge" of insulin once a day and then none. We have been insulin-free for one month and Casey has gained almost all of his weight back and is runnng, jumping and playing again. He wasn't able to walk more than about 3 steps at his worst and we had to carry him up and down the stairs and take him to his litter box. To see him run and jump again makes all of the work worthwhile!

10/19/06 Still insulin free and doing well. We had a bump in blood sugar in August, but it only lasted a couple of days and seems to have been caused by a course of Mometamax for ear infection.