Jack O'Lantern:Feline
Male DSH red/orange tabby
Born Jun-1993
Dx Jun-2004
Oral meds :
Regulated Nov-2005

Regulated between 100 and 250

Jack's teeth were ruined by diabetes and it seems to have taken losing all but one canine and the incisors to become regulated.

Remission Not-yet
Insulin No favorite insulin yet

Jack was diagnosed June 21, 2004 (day after my birthday) when I took him in to get the "cement boots" cleaned of his back paws. He was walking funny and the vet mentioned diabetes. Don't remember exact numbers but know that his blood glucose was over 400. Started on BCP PZI that night. Received 2 units SID until September 2005. Was changed to 2 units am/1 unit pm early October 2005. Found FDMB and learned about hometesting. Began dosing 2 units am/pm after showing vet the home results.

Jack really began the road to regulation after 2 rotten teeth were pulled November 25, 2005. He never had trouble with teeth until after diabetes. Most recent dentals were completed in July 2004 and August 2005, with extractions during both. Noticed we weren't having consistent numbers for month of November and then caught him jerking his face away when I touched the right side. Went to vet day before Thanksgiving and she scheduled him to have at least one tooth pulled (ended up being 2). Since then we have gradually had to reduce dose following quick drops:


PMPS = 211   2U
+2      77  (fed)
+3      44  (fed and Karo)
+3.5    55   (fed)
+4      55   (fed)
+4.5    63
+5.5    104
+6.5    177
+8.5    298
+10.5   329

dropped to .5 and worked back up to 1.5 units BID, then


PMPS = 233    1.5U
+4      55    (fed)
+4.5    59    (fed)
+5      70    (fed)
+6      97
+7.5    131

dropped to 1 unit BID, then


PMPS = 202      1U
+4.75   40/41   (fed 1/2 can)
+5.25   62      (fed 1/4 can)
+6      86
+6.75   131

currently at .5 unit BID. Preshot numbers are running an average of 261 (lowest was 209, highest 295), after 4 days at this dosage.

Jack is currently eating low carb Fancy Feast, tend to stay with 3% and under as I noticed when I gave 4% and above, his numbers went up. He does occasionally get a few bites of DM dry as a treat (about once a week).

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