Male Gray
Born Unknown-(guess 1995/96)
Dx Dec-2005
Oral meds :
Regulated Dec-2006

Regulated between 60 and 200

Was only regulated for a week before going into remission.

Remission Dec-2006
Insulin Levemir

Grigio was down to microdoses (0.1 units split into two) for some time before finally going into remission.

Diet Edit

Grigio has been on a low-carb wet food diet of the following commercial pet foods:

  • Almo Nature 'Tonno e Pollo' 70g cans.
  • Purina 'Gourmet Delizie con Manzo in Gelatina' 100g trays.
  • Purina 'Gourmet Delizie con Pollo e Tacchino in Gelatina' 100g trays.
  • Purina 'Gourmet Delizie con Salmone e Gamberetti in Gelatina' 100g trays.

since 24th November 2006 the diet has also included:

  • Whiskas 'Agnello in Gelatina' 100g sachets.
  • Whiskas 'Pollo in Gelatina' 100g sachets

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