Female Calico
Born Aug-1992
Dx Apr-2004
Oral meds Glipizide, increasing dosages:FAILED.
Regulated May-2005

Regulated between 100 and 150

Took some time to find the right tx and dosage but we finally got some consistently decent bg #s after nearly a year

Remission Not-yet
Insulin PZI Vet

Goblin's diabetes is thought by primary vet to be the result of steroids used to treat a deep skin abscess in January 2006 that went undetected until it was nearly too late. She had to go to a different vet for emergency treatment and was in the hospital for 2 days on IV antibiotics and steroids to help healing. After she came home, I noticed her urinating a lot but attributed it to her being given fluids and IVs as treatment. She was also constantly eating but was losing weight rapidly. I suspected diabetes but didn't know if cats could have it, so I called my vet, described the symptoms and took her in for testing.

She was dx in April 2004, and her initial bg was in the mid-300s. I found the FDMB the night she was dx. We started treatment with oral Glipizide, starting off with 1/2 pill and gradually increasing to 2 pills daily, but after 6 weeks she wasn't responding so we went to Humulin U in May. Tried it for 3 months, basing dosages on curves, and could never get her to drop below 300 for the most part, though she did have some drops into the upper 200's a few times. Neuropathy began to be present in May 2004, and within 3 months she was unable to jump and couldn't walk more than a few steps without stopping to rest.

Having read on the FDMB about other people's success with PZI, and becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progess with HU and worried about Goblin's health (she started off at 12 lbs, and was down to 5 lbs), I told my vet I wanted to change to PZI. It took nearly a year on PZI, but she's back to a healthy 11 lbs, the neuropathy, PU and PD are gone, and she looks and acts healthy and happy again. She eats FF low carb 2 cans/day, and gets 1/4 c. of Purina DM at night. Currently regulated on Idexx PZI Vet, 2.5 U BID.

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