Female DLH, White w/ grey
Born Apr-1988
Dx May-2002
Oral meds :
Regulated Feb-2005

Regulated between 100 and 250

Never hometested at first until she contracted a URI in 2/05 & hypo'd (ate less, wasn't hometesting). Started hometesting & changed food to low carb wet, then & went on h*n*ym**n since Feb/Mar of 2005.

Remission Feb-2005
Insulin Humulin U

Found new vet beginning of year 2005. During blood tests, found kidney values slightly elevated & rising. Started giving LRS fluids 100mls every other day. Values still slightly elevated, so started giving 100mls every day now. Also on potassium supplement because of fluids, and chlorpheniramine daily for general allergies. Also known allergy to beef.

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