Born Apr-1991
Dx Oct-1991
Oral meds none:
Regulated Apr-1992

Regulated between 100 and 300

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Humulin L

Bunny has been an insulin-dependent diabetic cat for 13.5 of his 14 years of life (became IDDM at 6 months old due to large steroid OD). Although at this point he has HCM, and CRF, he has great quality of life...plays like a kitten, always eats well, and very nicely regulated. Lives with 8 other cats, so his life is always interesting. Is currently on 1.5 units of Humulin L BID, but since that insulin has been discontinued he will have to switch in a few months. He had one bout with DKA (in first month of dx.) and one hypo episode many many many years ago from a super long play session. He has always eaten high protein/low crab diet of mostly organic raw. He is very special.

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