Diabetes in Pets
Male Mini-Dachshund - Black & Tan
Up Close Badger1

Badger Up Close & Kinda Goofy

Born Jul-1994
Dx Feb-2006
Oral meds :
Regulated Not-yet

Regulated between Unknown and Unknown

have had to switch food and insulin so starting over

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Humulin N

Badger was diagnosed in Feb. 2006 and put on Vetsulin and W/D. I live in a rural area and have a few livestock vets to choose from - who know little about diabetic dogs. So we took a trip to the big city and had a full workup done. In addition to diabetes, Badger also has an enlarged heart (I always knew he had a BIG heart...), a kidney stone and several bladder stones. We switched his food to G/D and after reading all the problems with Vetsulin, and since we weren't regulated anyway, decided to switch to NPH. We are now on 3 shots per day. He isn't regulated but it is looking promising. He doesn't like me to home test his BG but occasionally he will let me. I mostly use UG strips that aren't as accurate but better than nothing. We take our 3-hour drive one way to the city every few weeks to see our great vet! Badger is my best buddy and the love of my life.

March 26, 2007 - We have made it over a year now and Badger is regulated on NPH twice a day. He has developed Cushings Disease recently and is taking daily meds for that too. He is such a trooper. He has gone blind and is losing his hearing but he still loves to play ball - it just takes him longer to find it! I'm so lucky to have him in my life. He turns 13 on the 4th of July and we are planning a big party!

May 2006.