Female American Cocker Spaniel
Born Sep-1992
Dx Oct-2004
Oral meds :not tried.
Regulated Nov-2004

Regulated between 90 and 150

Regulated easilly on a combination of R and NPH insulin, combined with home testing, and eating normal senior diet

Remission Not-yet
Insulin Humulin N(basal)
Humulin R (bolus)

We feed a fairly high-carb, high-glycemic diet, which supports her general nutritional needs from other health problems caused by the autoimmune defect that lead to the diabetes in the first place. We then match her insulin to what she eats by combining carb counting, home glucose testing, and a combination of bolus and basal insulins. Her eating habits are erratic, and change on an almost daily basis, so we use a flexible approach. She currently eats a canned super-premium dog food made mostly of chicken and rice, and supplement that with additional fresh vegetables and fruit. We make absolutely no effort to limit carb intake at meal-times, and simply match the insulin to what is eaten. Her last fructosamine test was 285, last HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin) was 6.7, and her last blood glucose curve showed that over a 12-hour period her lowest bg was 92 and her highest was 129. We are big believers in frequent testing and multiple daily injections with both basal AND bolus insulin. Intensive management is actually fairly easy, and works!

We've familiarized ourselves with the state-of-the-art methods used in humans to control blood glucose, and apply them to our dog -- pets should not have to suffer lesser care!Category:Canine GE R-neutral users

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